Our colleague Asena Göztepe at the Science Slam Hydrogen 2022

There is growing attention to Renewable energies, Hydrogen-sourced in particular. This is because hydrogen (H2) technologies can overcome the seasonal and geographical dependency of solar- or wind-based renewable energy sources, and can be stored in different methods.

Currently, most of the H2 produced worldwide is stored under high pressure, which makes storage and transportation unpractical, since a relatively small amount can be stored. Furthermore, there are issues regarding the safety of transporting and storing pressurized gasses. Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHCs) can solve this issue as they allow storing hydrogen safely in liquid form by binding H2 molecules to organic molecules in an electrochemical process, which ultimately could be coupled to different renewable energy sources. To unlock the power of hydrogen-based technologies, developing novel, more performing, safer, and more sustainable catalysts.

This, and much more, is explained by our collaborator, Asena Göztepe, at the :



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