Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers

SherLOHCk project is developed from a material to system approach, an innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable catalytic solution for LOHC technology with improved energy efficiency.

Latest news

Our colleague Asena Göztepe at the Science Slam Hydrogen 2022

There is growing attention to Renewable energies, Hydrogen-sourced in particular. This is because hydrogen (H2) technologies can overcome the seasonal […]

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Steering Committees

SherLOHCk project goes on!! Initial but promissing results were discussed in the previous 2 Steering Committees that were celebrated on […]

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SherLOHCk Kick-off meeting

A new project has started! SherLOHCk Kick-off meeting was held the 25th and 26th of January 2021. The first meeting […]

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