Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers

SherLOHCk project is developed from a material to system approach, an innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable catalytic solution for LOHC technology with improved energy efficiency.

Latest news

🌍 Milestone Achieved: Project Sherlohck Consortium Meets In-Person in Grenoble! 🤝

Last week marked a significant milestone for Project Sherlohck as the consortium convened for an in-person meeting in Grenoble, France. […]

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Our colleague Asena Göztepe at the Science Slam Hydrogen 2022

There is growing attention to Renewable energies, Hydrogen-sourced in particular. This is because hydrogen (H2) technologies can overcome the seasonal […]

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Steering Committees

SherLOHCk project goes on!! Initial but promissing results were discussed in the previous 2 Steering Committees that were celebrated on […]

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