Consisting on a reversible transformation catalytically activated of a pair of stable liquid organic molecules integrated on hydrogenation/dehydrogenation cycles, are attractive due to their ability to store safely large amounts of hydrogen (up to 7 %wt or 2.300 KWh/ton) during long time and release pure hydrogen on demand.

Project targets

SherLOHCk project targets joint developments in order to reduce the system cost for LOHC technology to 3€/kg for large scale applications. For this purpose the following goals are faced

  • 1
    Partial/total substitution of PGM catalysts

    Highly active and selective catalyst with partial/total substitution of PGM and thermo-conductive catalyst support to reduce the energy intensity during loading/unloading processes.

  • 2
    Higher efficiency through novel catalytic system architecture

    Novel catalytic system architecture ranging from the catalyst to the heat exchanger to minimize the internal heat loss and to increase space-time-yield.

  • 3
    Prototype demonstration in a stationary unit (>10kW, > 200h)

    Novel catalyst testing, system validation and demonstration in demo unit (>10 kW, >200h); to drastically improve their technical performances and energy storage efficiency of LOHCs.

A combination of challenges for the catalyst material, catalyst system and their related energy storage capabilities will constitute the core of a catalyst system for LOHC, that will be validated first at a lab scale, then in a demo unit > 10kW. As a whole they will enable the reduction of Energy intensity during loading/unloading processes, a higher efficiency and increased lifetime.

Technological, economical and social bottlenecks are considered to determine the economic viability, balance of energy and the environmental footprint of novel catalyst synthesis route.

Scale-up of the obtained solutions will be carried out together with technology comparison with other hydrogen logistic concepts based on LCA and TCO considerations to finally improve economic viability of the LOHC technology.

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